Grant Spencer

The Author

Grant Spencer was born in Hertfordshire in 1976. He joined the Royal Navy Submarine Service in 1994. During this time, he conducted Top Secret covert missions on Hunter Killer submarines during the latter years of the ‘Cold War’ and engaged in global Special Forces operations.

In 2006 he was the first Submariner to ever successfully complete Special Duties Selection Op Samson, becoming a Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Advanced Operator, conducting overt and covert operations handling CHIS’s (Covert Human Intelligence Sources) during both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and domestically on UK Mainland.

Returning to Submarines in 2014, he spent his final years on covert Trident missile patrols acting as the UK nuclear deterrent.

Grant is now an author. His first book, ‘Trust No One’, was released in July 2023. A work of fiction, it is however based on his real-world experiences while working in the Armed Forces. ‘Trust No One’ is our first introduction to Frank Tanner, a character who will feature as the main protagonist in a series of stories soon to follow. The second book in the Frank Tanner series, ‘Bribed By Blood’, will be released early in 2024 with the third book, ‘You Will Remember’ later in 2024.

Although the Frank Tanner books will be military-inspired, Grant will be working and releasing books of varied genres and styles in the months and years to come.